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or Em·men·thal  (ĕm′ən-täl′) also Em·men·tal·er or Em·men·thal·er (-täl′ər)
A firm, pale yellow cheese with large holes and a sweet, nutty flavor.

[German Emmentaler, after Emmental, valley of west-central Switzerland where it was first produced.]


(ˈɛmənˌtɑːl) or






(Cookery) a hard Swiss cheese with holes in it, similar to Gruyère
[C20: named after Emmenthal, a valley in Switzerland]
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Noun1.Emmenthal - Swiss cheese with large holes
Swiss cheese - hard pale yellow cheese with many holes from Switzerland
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Pre booking essential Home comforts Vermont garden salad, with ham, chicken or goats cheese PS8 Bangers and mash, spinach and gravy PS9 Quorn burger, with Portobello mushroom and emmenthal on brioche PS10 Ham, egg and chips PS11 8oz Vermont burger, streaky bacon and emmenthal on brioche PS12 Haddock, deep fried in Newcastle Brown Ale batter, chunky chips, mushy peas and lemon wedge PS13
I really do love to be clean, mentally and emotionally" Singer Jessie J, above "When I am being lazy, I shove the tiller between my buttocks and shimmy from left to right to steer" Tory MP Michael Fabricant on how he sometimes handles a narrow boat "The best advice I can offer North Korea's beloved leader is shock aversion therapy which has cured me at once" Actor Michael Simkins offers help to Kim Jong-un whose passion for Emmenthal cheese probably caused him gout and thus his recent absence from public view
I stopped at a shop called Cheese 'n' Stuff and bought three little bricks of gruyere, emmenthal, and fontina, and walked home with a baguette under one arm and my briefcase in the other hand.
But when John Terry is on the bench, there are more holes in the Blues' defence than a slab of Swiss cheese Emmenthal these days.
So I went straight to New York for a buttie with pastrami, Emmenthal cheese, gherkins, mustard mayo and rocket (PS3.
The fondue, which was made up of Gruyere, Tomme, Emmenthal and Appenzeller cheeses, was rich, thick and so warming I decided to take my coat off and dig in.
Mexican Artisan Cheese Selection: Gouda, Mexican panilla, and emmenthal, served with red and green grapes, dried apricot, dried apples and crispy crackers.
e farina e pasta, e lievito ed acqua, smalto, pachino, papille, frutti di mare, pupille, melinzane, frenuli, vrustel, otturazioni, polipetti, anidride solforosa, semini, denervazioni, olio piccante, muco, acido malico, carie, mozzarella 'n coppa, afte, quattro stagioni, epiteli, anidride carbonica, emmenthal, sudore, peperoncino, herpes, bufala, rimmel, antociani, fiati, cotto, palati, pelati, placca, lacca, etilico, bava, ricotta, rossetto, spinaci, fondotinta.
For a starter, try the red onion veloute, a creamy version of French onion soup served with deep-fried Emmenthal cheese sticks on the side.
INGREDIENTS: 1 shallot, peeled and chopped; olive oil; 110ml/4fl oz fish stock; 110ml/4fl oz double cream; salt and freshly ground black pepper; 300g/10 1/2 oz ready-to-roll puff pastry; 700g/1 1/2 lb fish, cut into chunks (salmon, cod, haddock or mixture); 110g/4oz mushrooms, sliced; 3tbsp chives, chopped; 4 slices Emmenthal cheese; 2tbsp grain mustard; 1 egg, beaten '
Hochland's Streichfein brand of cheese spreads has four different flavours: Gouda, light Gouda, Emmenthal and Maasdam.