Emmett Kelly

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Noun1.Emmett Kelly - United States circus clown (1898-1979)
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Leighton-Jones' painted many images of Emmett Kelly, a hobo who symbolized the Great Depression.
Then the Great Depression struck, causing such widespread unemployment and suffering that Emmett Kelly resolved to be a different type of clown--one that acknowledged the hard times people endured.
Olsen got her initial break byway of Will Oldham, whom she met through his longtime collaborator Emmett Kelly, and got her feet wet touring with his short-lived backing band, The Babblers, and singing back-up on his 2011 album, Wolfroy Goes to Town.
Armands Circle), clowns Lou Jacobs and Emmett Kelly, and Wallenda's own great-grandfather, Karl.
Emmett Kelly, an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said the move for Kabel made sense for Vodafone, which it placed on a "buy" rating.
Emmett Kelly, the famous hobo clown, witnessed the efforts of lion tamer May Kovar.
This stripped-down liaison with Emmett Kelly is minor in comparison.
Emmett Kelly also threatened to burn his partner's house down due to disagreements over repairs.
There, youngArthur had laughed and marvelled at Emmett Kelly, theAmerican Hobo Clown, who slowly and deliberately sat in the seats by some elderly ladies,before producing a huge bundle of newspapers, which he took apart, strip by strip, until a cabbage was revealed.
He has been hired by famous clown Emmett Kelly to figure out who is murdering elephants and circus stars in the small circus he is traveling with.
They built the dams just above the white towns," says Wounded Knee tribal councilman Emmett Kelly.
He added that Burwood is looking into new major licenses to add to the those it holds for Coca-Cola, Campbell's Soup, Emmett Kelly and Nascar.