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A member of one of several ancient Semitic peoples primarily inhabiting Canaan, where they preceded the Israelites, and Babylonia.

[From Hebrew 'ĕmōrî, Amorite, from Akkadian amurrû, westerner, Amorite, from amurru, western geographical and tribal designation, perhaps from Sumerian martu, westerner, country to the west of Sumer.]

Am′o·rite′ adj.


(ˈæm əˌraɪt)

1. a member of a culturally diverse population of western Semites prominent in the history of ancient Syria and adjacent areas, c2600–1200 b.c.
2. the language of this population.
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Emori, Zeon; "New metallocene EPDMs for expanded attribute range to meet new rubber market requirements," E.
If it weren't for the hurricanes, oil should be below $100 a barrel, considering the sentiment,' said Tetsu Emori, fund manager at Astmax Co Ltd.
There are many market bulls hoping for prices to rise heading into summer," said Tetsu Emori, fund manager at Astmax Co in Tokyo.
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Tries from Emori Kalalau and Matthew Davies, converted by Tom Lewis, gave Narberth a 7-14 lead at the break.
Chief commodities strategist at Mitsui Bussan Futures in Tokyo, Tetsu Emori, said: "US production has been slow to recover from Hurricane Ivan and people are worried by the low-level crude and distillate inventories ahead of winter.
Andrew Jones and Gareth Bennett each scored two tries for Narberth and solo touchdowns were recorded by Andrew Bowen, Cati Tuipolutu and Emori Catalay.
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Ian Boobyer (ribs), Simon Easterby (Achilles) and Alex Bennett (suspended) are all missing, so Fijian Emori Katalau is called up after playing for Dunvant last season.
Canada came at us strongly in the first half and made us commit errors but in the second half we re-grouped and played well," said Fiji captain Emori Katalau.
I don't think there's much downside risk," said Tetsu Emori, a commodities fund manager at Astmax Investments in Tokyo.