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A member of one of several ancient Semitic peoples primarily inhabiting Canaan, where they preceded the Israelites, and Babylonia.

[From Hebrew 'ĕmōrî, Amorite, from Akkadian amurrû, westerner, Amorite, from amurru, western geographical and tribal designation, perhaps from Sumerian martu, westerner, country to the west of Sumer.]

Am′o·rite′ adj.


(ˈæm əˌraɪt)

1. a member of a culturally diverse population of western Semites prominent in the history of ancient Syria and adjacent areas, c2600–1200 b.c.
2. the language of this population.
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It was agreed on the occasion to increase the budget of EMORI programme (Tunisian support programme for education, mobility, research and innovation) from AaAaAeA@1/460 million to AaAaAeA@1/470 million, i.
Ledit accord vise a favoriser le rapprochement entre les deux institutions francaises et les universites et structures de recherches tunisiennes a travers des projets communs qui pourront etre finances dans le cadre de differents programmes tels que PRIMA, EMORI et H-2020.
But with cash starting to talk ever louder in Welsh rugby, Dunvant began to look further afield and brought in World Cup players such as Emori Katalau, Kati Tuipulotu and Joe Veitayaki, the heavyweight Fijian prop.
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Tetsu Emori, commodity fund manager with Astmax Investments in Tokyo, said the official US stockpiles report for the week to February 27 to be released later Wednesday will show an increase in crude reserves, indicating weak demand in the world's biggest economy.
A TNS Emori opinion poll released Saturday showed Reform leading with 26 percent support, ahead of the pro-Kremlin opposition Centre party with 22 percent and the Social Democrats with 19 percent.
Continued output from strife-torn countries such as Iraq and Libya and the shale oil boom in the United States have lessened supply side risks, while slowing growth in western economies and China have raised demand concerns, said Tetsu Emori, a commodity fund manager at Japan's Astmax Co Ltd.