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A Spanish or Latin-American turnover with a flaky crust and a savory or sweet filling.

[Spanish, from past participle of empanar, to coat with breadcrumbs : en-, in (from Latin in-; see en-1) + pan, bread; see panada.]


(Cookery) a Spanish or Latin-American stuffed pastry


(ˌɛm pəˈnɑ də)

a Latin American or Spanish turnover filled with ground meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., and baked or fried.
[1920–25; < Sp, =em- em-1 + pan bread + -ada, feminine of -ado -ate1]
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But we've driven down to Gulf Gate craving empanadas the whole way, so there's no way I'm leaving without finding out for sure.
com/MrGenier/status/926465934679781377) agreed that everyone should "let them eat empanadas.
Cantarovici began re-creating her grandmother's empanadas in 2010, using the imprint of her early life in Argentina as a recipe.
Candle Cafe, a must-visit vegan restaurant in New York City, has released their popular empanadas in the frozen foods aisle of natural foods stores.
I pass by this place at least twice a week and have two of the special empanadas.
I'm going to give you a pastry recipe that will make 20 empanadas, plus two different fillings so that you can make 10 of each – plenty for when friends and family pop round.
We've been having tremendous success with our empanadas so it only made sense to create a formal brand so we can expand into new territories.
In Chile, they like to fry their empanadas as well as baking them, and a lot of fish and seafood is used, along with hot chillies and sometimes cheese.
But puffy, hot empanadas ($3 each) filled with beef, chicken or seafood, provide worthy starters, as do the mini versions, called empanaditas (three for $4.
This year, it began selling a machine that semi-automates the production of empanadas, a meat pie made by hand since colonial times.
With increases in the US Hispanic population and non-Hispanic people gain familiarity with items such as Cuban Sandwiches, Empanadas, and Arepas, the Company believes that positioning their products outside the freezer will boost the Havana Roadhouse brand name nationally as a recognized manufacturer of high-quality, great tasting, premium ethnic food items.
I also saw a table lined with banana leaves heaped with dough, a bowl of chicken filling and a stack of empanadas.