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v. t.1.To make a park of; to inclose, as with a fence; to impark.
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The MOU Signing Ceremony among TCEB, Exhibition Department of CCPITHQ, and CCPIT Yunnan Sub-Council was held at Empark Hotelin Kunming, China, on January 15, 2015 during 11[sup.
To address these issues, APB will be organising a one-day conference at the Empark Grand Hotel in Anhui, China, on September 23 this year--where up to 200 participants, including key Chinese broadcasters, operators and other stakeholders involved in China's triple-play service initiative, will be in attendance to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the broadcast industry in the region as the media landscape continues to evolve.
CHONGQING, China, January 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- On a foggy Friday this past December, in the dining hall of the Empark Grand Hotel in Chongqing, China, now the world's biggest city, Tony "Full" Nelson, a handsome 47 year old former police detective and widowed father of two grown sons, is surrounded by 12 eligible and eager Chinese ladies.
The TechFaith mobile TV phone will be demonstrated in Siano's booth (number B17) at the upcoming DMB Expo trade show in Beijing, to be held in the EMpark Grand Hotel, during October 25-27.
The seminar gave me the hands-on tools I need to be more successful, said Yang Jiao of Empark Hotel Group.