Theodosius I

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The·o·do·sius I

 (thē′ə-dō′shəs, -shē-əs) Known as "Theodosius the Great." ad 346?-395.
Emperor of Rome who ruled jointly (379-392) with Gratian and Valentinian II and independently (392-395). He repressed paganism and Arianism and in his will divided the eastern and western portions of the empire between his two sons.

Theodosius I

(Biography) called the Great. ?346–395 ad, Roman emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire (379–95) and of the Western Roman Empire (392–95)

The•o•do•si•us I

(ˌθi əˈdoʊ ʃi əs, -ʃəs)
( “the Great” ) a.d. 346?–395, Roman emperor 379–395.
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Noun1.Theodosius I - the last emperor of a united Roman Empire, he took control of the eastern empire and ended the war with the Visigoths; he became a Christian and in 391 banned all forms of pagan worship (346-395)
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340-397), who resisted the efforts of the state to seize the property of the church and who called on Emperor Theodosius I to repent of murder.
382: Emperor Theodosius I concludes a peace treaty with the Goths and settles them in the Balkans in exchange for military service.
Only 10 per cent of his population was then Christian, but by the end of the century Emperor Theodosius could make Christianity the state religion.
A century later the emperor Theodosius replaced this small church with a much more extravagant building that was larger even than the Church of St.
Following excavations that took place between October 2009 and July 2010 on the site of the church, which was built in the time of East Roman Emperor Theodosius II, further excavations were conducted and completed on Sept.
It happened in the victory of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius over the Western Emperor Eugenius at the River Frigidus.
Furthermore, Amr ibn al-Aas did not burn the library of Alexandria, as some Western historians claimed afterwards when they knew the truth, namely that Julius Caesar burned the Great Library when he invaded Egypt before 48 BC, and that Emperor Theodosius later on burned the "Lesser Library" in 389 AD.
It was hard not to, running at Olympia in the stadium where it all began in 1000BC and continued for 1,400 years until Roman Emperor Theodosius decided the Games had become a bit too pagan and commercial.
Founded in the year 386 AD during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius I (375-395), legend has it that two priests undertook the founding of the monastery on the site after having discovered a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the mountain.
The chronology extends from the death of Roman Emperor Theodosius in 395 to the entry of Croatia in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in May 2009.
More than a century later, during the reign of Christian emperor Theodosius I (379-95 C.