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 (mĕs′ə-lī′nə), Valeria Died ad 48.
Roman empress as the third wife of Claudius I. She was executed after Claudius discovered that she had married a lover in his absence.


(Biography) Valeria (vəˈlɪərɪə). died 48 ad, wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, notorious for her debauchery and cruelty


(ˌmɛs əˈlaɪ nə, -ˈli-)

Valeria, died A.D. 48, third wife of Claudius I.
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Hopkins shows how, like the devil, a Caesarian sense of things can often be found lurking in the details, whether it be in the ostrich feathers worn in official Jacobean portraits of Pocahontas and Prince Henry or the love of the dance known as la volta shared by Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and the Furies called down to dance "lavoltas" upon the "whorish fortitude" of the Roman Empress Messalina (105), (136).
4-15), where a queen's function of selecting the next day's storytelling theme is usurped by a servant, with a well-chosen extract from Juvenal's sixth Satire, where the Empress Messalina tries to satisfy her sexual cravings by working in a brothel under the pseudonym of Lycisca.