En barbette

said of guns when they are elevated so as to fire over the top of a parapet, and not through embrasures.

See also: Barbette

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It held 200 cannon arranged with one tier of guns in casements and the other en barbette.
Each battery had two to eight guns, including 10-inch and 12-inch pieces, all on various carriages rapid fire, antiaircraft, en barbette, disappearing and mortar.
The infant colony had been provided with some rudimentary defences, initially earthworks, but moving toward more substantial stone construction, there were quite a number of `close to the water' smooth bore small calibre cannon mounted to fire through embrasures rather than en barbette and there had been an extension of the defences toward the harbour entrance.
The second phase proceeded with many improvements in fortifications and a continued push outwards so there were quite distinguishable inner and outer lines of defence characterised by heavier calibres of rifled guns with greater range well emplaced, often en barbette in the living rock.