Encaustic painting

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(Fine Arts) painting by means of wax with which the colors are combined, and which is afterwards fused with hot irons, thus fixing the colors.

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Brief demonstrations augment every section: Using encaustic wax is one such page, as is another on blending colored pencil.
She paints on canvas with acrylics and uses an encaustic wax technique on paper, and can be found working at the Down2Earth Psychic Centre, Burlees House.
Her encaustic wax creations transform the chaos of trash into rich layers of color and texture.
Among them is a triptych called Above and Below The Tide, a colourful work in Setch's trademark encaustic wax and oil pigment, which uses, among other things, cling film to capture the changing nature of the seascape.
I continue to explore other media to enhance the surface, such as torn canvas, paper and encaustic wax.
Encaustic wax - described by Pliny the Elder - was a method of using colours with wax to create wall paintings and also on mummy cases.
The children, who belong to the school's art club, used special photography techniques and encaustic wax to design the cards.
HUDDERSFIELD Art Society has again mounted an excellent annual exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery, with a wide variety of subject matter and media - this time including works in photoshop and encaustic wax.
The pieces are made through the encaustic wax process, one of the oldest and most labor-intensive art mediums.
Andrew Jenkin takes a break from his usual style with an impressionistic watercolour of Huddersfield Railway Station, while Barbara Goodall pleases with her encaustic wax pieces.