n.1.Occasion, cause, or reason.
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25 These wordes happyd me to here by encheson, Whyche me thought were unlovyng and grevyd me sore, Wherfore I demed here unryghtwysnes withoute reason That thus had sclaundred all lovers both lesse and more; ffor yef sore be unstable of love, God forbede that all were, 30 ffor I say for my part I have gret delyte To love and to worshyp oon all other afore, Of whos beawte and womanhode I purpose thus to endyte: `Most excellent floure of womanhede, To your good grace I me commende, 35 Evermore desyryng my lyfe to lede In your humble service to my last ende; To do yow plesure I wyll entende With body and good to do your wyll; Y-wys your grace and I offende, 40 Without your comfort I must nedys spyll.