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(ˌɛn səˈni təs)
a city in SW California. 55,386.
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As a community bank, PCNB's primary focus is on the family-owned businesses which represent the backbone of the Encinitas community.
us) - launches a revolutionary care program designed to promote whole-body health at its newest dental practice in downtown Encinitas
People driving down Highway 101 in south Encinitas between restaurant row and South Cardiff State Beach have been known to hit their brakes and jump out of their cars with a camera to capture Smalley's work.
The company's Encinitas Regional Banking Center is situated in a newly constructed, two-story building, located at 781 Garden View Ct.
Encinitas agency to provide integrated marketing services to poinsettia powerhouse
Overall poinsettia sales last year rose more than 3 percent, and ``with a stronger economy and consumers feeling good, we expect a stronger rise in sales this year,'' said Ecke, whose Encinitas ranch offers about 30 commercial varieties of poinsettias for sale, but has some 600 different plants blooming in greenhouses.
By giving caregivers the ability to access resident care needs on demand, simply by talking, enhance care team collaboration with Silent Paging(TM) and respond faster to resident needs, Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center will achieve numerous performance and reimbursement gains, including enabling higher levels of staff efficiency and satisfaction while increasing quality outcomes, eliminating paperwork, and achieving compliance.
The surgery, which will commence at 8:30 AM Pacific Time on February 13th, will be performed by Timothy Peppers, MD from Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas, California, and will be moderated by Eric Westerland, MD.
Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton have teamed to develop an outpatient day treatment program that meets the recovery needs of combat-injured military patients with closed brain injuries.
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts will hold their 8th and last "Surgery Weekend" of the year 2000 this weekend at the medical center in Encinitas.
LOS ANGELES -- Encinitas City Councilmember and San Diego County water official James "Jim" H.