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n.1.Encomium; panegyric.
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Contemporary rhetoricians have identified fourteen widespread progymnasmata: Fable, a fictional elaboration on a moral statement; Narrative, an account of an action; Chreia, commentary on a saying by a famous author; Maxim, commentary on an anonymous adage; Refutation of a narrative; Confirmation of a narrative; Commonplace, a sketch of a criminal character type; Encomion, a speech of praise; Invective, a speech of denunciation; Syncrisis, a comparison; Ethopoeia, an imitation of a fictional character's speech; Ecphrasis, a vivid description of a place; Thesis, an argument about a philosophical claim; and Law, an argument about hypothetical legislation.
No doubt the work that embodies these ideas par excellence is Erasmus's Encomion morias or Laus stultitiae written in 1509 and first published in 1511.
Das theur und kunstlich buochlin Morie Encomion, das ist ein Lob der Thorhait, von Erasmo Roterodamo schimpfflich gespilt .