n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) One of a sect in the 2d century who abstained from marriage, wine, and animal food; - called also Continent.
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By contrast, figures such as Tertullian, Origen, Ambrose, Jerome, and even Augustine are "de-centered," as each is shown to preserve various aspects of earlier encratite "heresy.
With Walter Bauer on the Tigris: Encratite Orthodoxy and Libertine Heresy in Syro-Mesopotamian Christianity,' in C.
A paganly-educated Syrian, he was converted at Rome by Justin, thence returning (172) to the East where he supposedly founded the Encratite heresy, an extreme ascetic cult, albeit enemies may have exaggerated his involvement.
Lost Christianities should at least have mentioned in passing the encratite features of Tatian's Gospel harmony (the Diatessaron), the strange faith of Bardaisan and his disciples, and in the fourth century the elitist views of the Liber Graduum and the struggles in Aphrahat and Ephrem for orthodoxy.
concurs with those scholars who consider The Gospel of Thomas, The Acts of Thomas, and Thomas the Contender evidence for an encratite Thomas Christianity centered in Edessa.
and the forbidding of marriage" first appears not in the New Testament but "among those who practice Platonizing dualistic gnosis and among the radical, ascetic Encratites of the second century" (115), H.