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or end point  (ĕnd′point′)
1. Either of two points marking the end of a line segment.
2. Chemistry The point in a titration at which no more titrant should be added. It is determined, for example, by a color change in an indicator or by the appearance of a precipitate.
3. A tip or point of termination.

end′ point`

1. a final goal.
2. the point in a titration usu. noting the completion of a chemical reaction and marked by some change, as in the color of an indicator.



n. Math.
the point on each side of an interval marking its extremity on that side. Also, end point.
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Noun1.endpoint - a place where something ends or is completeendpoint - a place where something ends or is complete
end, terminal - either extremity of something that has length; "the end of the pier"; "she knotted the end of the thread"; "they rode to the end of the line"; "the terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix"
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Internet users are at risk from the rapid growth in software security flaws - specifically end-point vulnerabilities - according to the latest Yearly Report (for 201 I), released today by Secunia, the leading provider of IT security solutions that help manage and control vulnerability threats.
de Simoni of Federico II University, Naples, Italy, presented a secondary analysis of the double-blind multinational Losartan Intervention for End-point reduction in hypertension (LIFE) trial, in which 9,079 hypertensive individuals were randomized to losartan- or atenolol-based antihypertensive therapy and followed for 4-6 years.
Toxicology Subsystem, indexing end-point toxicity measures to facilitate correlation with gene expression analyses.
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These enhancements offer customers added end-point security support in remote access VPN deployments, and an increase in Cisco's high-end firewall VPN performance.
Encentuate, a provider of end-point identity and access management (IAM) solutions, today announced it has been declared a winner in the "Best Identity Management Solution" category in the 10th annual SC Magazine Awards program for outstanding achievement in information-technology (IT) security.
End Point Security, split tunneling, strong authentication and other key features are fully integrated to the client * Advanced application optimization with a new adaptive Single Sign-On handler, protocol Single Sign-On and application integration * Identity Federation interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) enabling cross-domain application access and smooth integration of SaaS * Extended end-point control of mobile devices * Self service account management empowering end users management control over their account and reducing administration * An OATH server extending the wide range of already supported authentication mechanisms and enabling universal adopting of strong authentication
a leading provider of enterprise end-point identity and access management solutions, today announced that its customer, JTC Corporation, has received the MIS ASIA IT Excellence Award in the IT Security Strategy category for its implementation of Encentuate's end-point identity and access management (IAM) solution.
This addition further enhances the range of security software solutions that Authentium offers within its flexible platform for end-point software distribution.
Delivering excellent sample quality, significantly reduced turnaround times and enhanced productivity, SELA's newest system in its suite of sample preparation tools introduces a twin-beam solution uniquely configured for artifact-free sample clarity and precise end-point detection.