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Noun1.Endecott - born in EnglandEndecott - born in England; in 1629 he became the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1588-1665)
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All the samples obtained from step (2) were milled by using ordinary mill, and sieved by English sieve apparatus which is manufactured by Endecott Company, to obtain powder with particle size of 150 pm and less.
com)-- Richard James, the co-founder of Advantage LED Signs is named the Vice President and Partner by Darick Endecott of Sign-Express.
Kayleigh Elliott and Charlie Endecott at |the opening of the new Snobs nightclub
The English, perhaps fearing that their failure to compel Pequot submission was sending a dangerous signal, dispatched a squadron of soldiers, commanded by John Endecott, to assault a community of Indians living on Block Island, where Oldham's murderers were believed to live.
From Hawthorne to History: The Mythologizing of John Endecott.
In a letter to John Endecott, Winthrop pressed the point of the patent:
THE METROS Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff Tel: 029 2023 2199 THE baby-faced London five-piece are hotly-tipped, having been signed by James Endecott, the man who signed The Libertines.
So does Vivienne Endecott of the Enid Blyton Society, who says: "I don't see how you can take the Famous Five out of their era, which is 1940s Britain.
171 - Brandon Romano, Ros, p Brian Endecott, NM, 1:52.
In September 1639, less than a year after his original sentence, William Andrews, "who was formerly com[m]itted to slavery for his ill & insolent carriage," was "released (upon his good carriage) from his slavery, & put to Mr Endecott.
They celebrated last night at a champagne-fuelled private party at The Colony Room private members' club in London's Soho with label boss James Endecott, producer Owen Morris and friends.