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v. t.1.See Indite.
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Syncoxa of maxilla with one (probably coxal) endite armed with one stout spinulose element fused to endite basally, and one slender seta; allobasis with one (probably basal) strong claw with one accompanying seta, drawn out into strong curved claw with one accompanying seta (probably endopodal), endopod represented by two setae.
Yet another proposal, meanwhile, goes further still to reduce writing to immediate, physically present speech: "But to the purpose, dar'st thou thus much doe / Let one man giue one Theame betwixt vs two, / And on that Theame let both of vs goe write, / And he that best and soonest doth endite, / Give him the praise; and he that is out-strip'd / (For his Reward) let him be soundly whip'd.
And for that purpose oonlye this maker did it write Taking the ground therof out of Plautus' first commedie, And the first sentence of the same for higher things endite In no wise wold, for yet the tyme is so quesie That he that speakith best is lest thankeworthie: Therfore sidle nothing but trifles may be had You shall heare a thing that onlie shal make you merle and glad, And suche a trifling matter as when it shalbe done You may report and saye ye have hearde nothing at all: Therfore I tell you all before it bee begone That no man looke to heare of maulers substancyall.
She adds her own prayer for this aid with "do me endite / Thy maydens deeth" (32-33).
DIAGNOSIS: Males can easily be recognized by the pair of projections on each endite (Fig.
First Maxilla (Figure 2c): Coxal endite with 2 long serrulate setae and 1 short simple seta; basal endite with 2 strong serrulate setae distally and 1-2 sub-distally; endopod short, unsegmented with 2 setae.
The medial endite region had grown to 500 [micro]m in length and was 140 [micro]m in width in adults (Fig.
Fulwood, William, The Enimie of Idleness teaching the manner and style how to endite, compose and write all sorts of Epistles and Letters.
1E) Coxal and basal endite with serially developed strong spines and multiple setae; endopod with 2+3 terminal setae
2A, B): Ventral edge with four rows of hair-like setae, endite 1 with two thin setulae, setulated on one side of distal half.
With Incke thats blacke on paper white both morning, noone and eke at night my fate, my life, my death endite (2387-95)