endoplasmic reticulum

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endoplasmic reticulum

A membrane network within the cytoplasm of cells involved in the synthesis, modification, and transport of cellular materials.

endoplasmic reticulum

(Biology) an extensive intracellular membrane system whose functions include synthesis and transport of lipids and, in regions where ribosomes are attached, of proteins

endoplas′mic retic′ulum

a network of tubular membranes within the cytoplasm of the cell, occurring either with a smooth surface (smooth endoplasmic reticulum) or studded with ribosomes (rough endoplasmic reticulum), involved in the transport of materials..

en·do·plas·mic reticulum

A network of membranes within the cytoplasm of many cells that is important in protein synthesis and involved in the transport of cellular materials. All organisms except bacteria have at least one endoplasmic reticulum in their cells. See more at cell.

endoplasmic reticulum

A system of internal membranes in a cell.

en·do·plas·mic re·tic·u·lum

n. retículo endoplásmico, sistema de canales en los cuales se llevan a cabo las funciones de anabolismo y catabolismo de la célula.
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Well-arranged rough endoplasmic reticula (RERs) with abundant attached ribosomes were observed in hepatocytes from the normal mice treated with or without quercetin.
10) Histochemical or electronmicroscopic confirmation of the oncocytic (mitochondrial) nature of the cytoplasm is necessary because cytoplasmic accumulation of smooth endoplasmic reticula, lysosomes, or secretory granules may have a similar appearance.
In the cytoplasm of the tumor cell, abundant free ribosomes were recognized, but Well-developed rough endoplasmic reticula were few (Figure 2, B).

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