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a.1.(Bot.) Relating to, accompanied by, or containing, endosperm.
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2013) shows species with non-endospermic seeds did not require any stratification to germinate, however, endospermic seeds needed 8 weeks of cold stratification for germination.
Increased CK concentration in seeds during cell division caused the number of endospermic cells to increase which had positive correlation with the increase in grain yield [14].
A two-year Ukrainian study establishes the effects of endospermic mutations on starch and amylase deposition in developing corn seeds.
One example of this genome-by-genome interaction might be the regulations genetically coordinated by maternal, embryonic, and endospermic tissues in a developing seed (Walbot and Evans, 2003).
Between the mild tasting innermost, endospermic part of the grain and the bitter tasting outermost bran fraction, a rye-like flavour without any obvious bitterness was observed.