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The view that the value of an action derives solely from the value of its consequences.

con′se·quen′tial·ist n.


(Philosophy) ethics the doctrine that an action is right or wrong according as its consequences are good or bad
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The organization believes in getting results and sometimes, the ends justify the means for them.
Now they (US officials) are saying that the ends justify the means, even if the means are blatantly unconstitutional," Cole underlined.
The voice of Bob (and even more famously star of Cheers and Frasier) Kelsey Grammer (pictured) leads the cast as Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, who is a firm believer that the ends justify the means.
It occurred to me that the Con/Dems are employing a similar philosophy to that of Niccolo Machiavelli, to whom the phrase "the ends justify the means when the stability and prosperity of the state are in question" is attributed.
The revelation will fuel the debate over the use of such interrogation techniques and whether the ends justify the means.
Cops, businessmen, press and public prosecutors alike let the ends justify the means in this elaborate web of broken rules, centering on a high-profile murder case so desperately in need of closing that police brass order an ambitious detective to find someone, guilty or not, to take the rap.
However, as the rather tasteless celebrations of Uruguay's Luis Suarez showed after his "real Hand of God" that denied Ghana a place in the semi-final, the ends justify the means.
If the ends justify the means, then maybe the public perception will change," he said.
Consequently, I give them a wide berth and I try to follow the theory that the ends justify the means.
The method selected by Rebekah to carry out God's message to her when she was pregnant teaches that the ends justify the means.
In "The Copper Indian", his story is told, of how he longs for the past where the law was there to help the weak and downtrodden, and not having to deal with all of this gray area ends justify the means that his co-officers so often do to push themselves to do impure things.