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a.1.Capable of enduring fatigue, pain, hunger, etc.
The ibex is a remarkably endurant animal.
- J. G. Wood.
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Selected for nearly one of every two endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repairs globally, the Endurant AAA stent graft system from Medtronic plc continues to maintain durable and consistent outcomes at four years in real world settings, including challenging anatomies.
The strong sales in Thoracic and the launch of the Endurant 2S AAA stent graft contributed to growth in Aortic.
Treated endografts included Endurant (Medtronic, Inc.
Calme et equilibre, sobre, agile et endurant il fait preuve d'une grande temerite.
Potential hyperaccumulation of Pb, Zn, Cu and Cd in endurant plants distributed in an old smelter, northeast China.
Together, they control a significant portion of the AIDS drug market with drugs that include Prezista, Intelence, Endurant and Procrit.
Andersson a estime que tout l'honneur revient au peuple algerien qui a mene une Revolution grandiose et combattu pendant plus de sept ans, defiant l'armee coloniale et endurant les affres de la torture.
The adjective human in "integral human development" must be understood as designating endurant entities, that is, human beings, rather than as an accidental property attributed to development.
Longtemps, souffrant et endurant leurs problemes, les jeunes manifestants et les differentes categories ont crie: [beaucoup moins que]Pain, Liberte, Justice sociale[beaucoup plus grand que].
Hastalarin 43'une Medtronic Talent[R], 12'sine Medtronic Endurant (Medtronic, Santa Rosa, California, USA) marka stent greft kullanildi.
Endurant Energy, a company that develops sustainable power systems, installed a 6.
Un directeur d'entreprise avicole allait jusqu'a contester sa position subordonnee par rapport aux bureaucrates du centre en recourant a la figure du << paysan roumain >> du discours nationaliste, le paysan humble et endurant ayant toujours << le bonnet a la main >>.