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v. en·er·gized, en·er·giz·ing, en·er·giz·es
1. To give energy to; activate or invigorate: "His childhood—father in ... prison, factory work as a boy—both haunted and energized him" (Frank Conroy).
2. To supply with an electric current.
To release or put out energy.

en′er·gi′za′tion (-jī′zā′shən) n.
en′er·giz′er n.
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Noun1.energizer - someone who imparts energy and vitality and spirit to other peopleenergizer - someone who imparts energy and vitality and spirit to other people
doer, actor, worker - a person who acts and gets things done; "he's a principal actor in this affair"; "when you want something done get a doer"; "he's a miracle worker"
2.energizer - a device that supplies electrical energy
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
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The acquisition of Spectrum Batteries represents a compelling strategic, operational and financial fit for Energizer," Alan Hoskins, chief executive officer of Energizer Holdings, said in a statement.
The board of directors of Energizer Holdings Inc (NYSE:ENR) approved a common stock dividend of USD0.
18 January 2018 - Missouri, US-based batteries and portable lighting products manufacturer Energizer Holdings, Inc.
Energizer Holdings (ENR) announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Spectrum Brands' (SPB) Global Battery and Portable Lighting Business, Spectrum Batteries, for $2B in cash.
United States-based Energizer Holdings Incorportated (NYSE: ENR) has acquired HandStands, a company involved in the domestic automobile air freshener segment.
Energizer Holdings has unveiled a new range of AA and AAA alkaline batteries.
Sports CEO and President Paul Tyler announced today that global personal care and household consumer goods company Energizer Holdings has joined as a sponsor of the second Sea to Shining Sea cross-country bicycle ride with wounded warriors from America's military.
6m) debt offering by Energizer Holdings Inc (NYSE:ENR), the US consumer goods firm said.
Battery manufacturer Energizer Holdings Inc (NYSE: ENR) Friday announced that it is withdrawing from sale its Duo Charger (Model CHUSB), sold in the US and its USB Charger, sold in Latin America, after it received notification from the CERT Coordination Centre that Windows software associated with these products and supplied by Energizer via download from its site contains a backdoor trojan which renders an infected computer vulnerable to external control.
com, an interactive agency and part of Omnicom Group Inc (NYSE: OMC), announced on Friday (13 July) the launch of a new microsite created for Energizer Holdings, Inc (NYSE: ENR), a manufacturer of primary batteries, battery-powered devices and flashlights, to support its sponsorship of breast cancer organization, the Komen Foundation.
an Israeli-based, privately-held semiconductor company, and Energizer Holdings, Inc.