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Referring to energy shortage in Gilgit-Baltistan, he said Prime Minister, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif had approved 27 megawatt hydel power at Attabad Hunza which would help to reduce energy shortage in the area.
EBRD is working together with multilateral and regional lenders in Egypt to combat the country's energy shortage.
Tajikistan will help us to overcome our energy shortage.
Pakistan is currently facing an energy shortage and we are keen to get investors who want to set up power plants in the country.
Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted an official source in the Qatari Foreign Ministry as saying this shipment of gas will contribute to alleviating the energy shortage crisis by supplying the power plants in Egypt.
The pipeline to biggest natural gas conversion power station of WAPDA was attacked by militants on Sunday and caused the growth of the energy shortage.
It will also help many countries tackle food price volatility and energy shortage, she said in the statement released on Thursday.
The Varna Power Plant upped its electricity output to cover "a significant part" of the resulting energy shortage, and produced a total of some 700,000 MWh for the period September 18 - November 4.
Abu Dhabi Alleviating the world's energy shortage is vital to achieving the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN, experts have said.
The world is on the brink of energy shortage, and especially that based on hydrocarbons (oil and gas)," Zerhouni said on the 14th Energy Day, held at the National Polytechnic School, revolving around the theme "Energy Strategy in the Muslim World: For Sustainable Development.
Though there was a shortage of cheap energy, there was no actual energy shortage or ever would be.

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