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(Placename) a borough of Greater London: a N residential suburb. Pop: 280 300 (2003 est). Area: 55 sq km (31 sq miles)



a borough of Greater London, England. 261,900.
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Richard Enfield, his distant kinsman, the well-known man about town.
Enfield and the lawyer were on the other side of the by-street; but when they came abreast of the entry, the former lifted up his cane and pointed.
As he was going out, he met Passepartout, who asked him if it would not be well, before taking the train, to purchase some dozens of Enfield rifles and Colt's revolvers.
He looked like a military man; his moustache was waxed, his gray hair was short and neat, he held himself upright, he talked in a breezy way, he lived at Enfield.
They would have liked to send their boys to Harrow, but finding that would cost too much they sent them to a smaller school at Enfield.
Q In what year was the Royal Enfield Bullet launched?
We are delighted to have appointed Mrs Enfield as the secondment to the WRC and will continue to do what we can to support the changes the organisation will make to ensure that it provides quality services to asylum seekers and refugees in Wales.
The brains behind the operation is Harry Enfield himself, one of our best-loved and respected comedians who has received numerous awards, including three Silver Roses at Montreaux, and an Emmy.
Aurizon will run the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre and lease the land at the site, moving its current intermodal terminal from Yennora, about 10 km to the west, in March next year.
The old, and I mean that most respectfully, belonged to former Enfield engineer 81-year-old Maurice Mumford, who'd ridden to Goodwood from London via Brighton with a bunch of us on Continental GTs, the 535cc cafe racer version of the 500cc Bullet.
Luckily for Enfield, Cardiff just lacked a cutting edge and couldn't convert any of their chances in the first half.
Although the geometry of the Royal Enfield is not state-ofthe-art 21st century, it feels reassuring solid and well grounded.