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n.1.The act of infolding. See Infoldment.
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Many later eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artists attempted to model what Geoffrey Batchen calls "a dynamic enfoldment of opposites, a movement that incorporates without synthesizing the conceptual poles nature-culture, real-ideal, general-particular, science--art, object-subject, reflection-expression.
But for such enfoldment as we found, the binding of
If the story shows "the dynamics of a traditional image of release of manifold reality from hidden (ophidian) sources, in alternation with enfoldment back into primordial Unity," we may fairly ask again: Whose tradition?
Coming home: An investigation of the enfolding-unfolding flux of human field-environmental field patterns within the nursing home setting and the enfoldment of a health-as-wholeness-and-harmony by the nurse and client.