English breakfast tea

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Noun1.English breakfast tea - black tea grown in ChinaEnglish breakfast tea - black tea grown in China    
black tea - fermented tea leaves
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And to give him a taste of Britain before he flies in for the wedding - tipped to be on May 26 - we handed him a box of Twinings English Breakfast tea, which carries the Queen's royal warrant.
And to guarantee he is up to speed on the British way of life ahead of his trip to the UK next May, we handed him a box of royal warranted Twinings English Breakfast tea.
Sip traditional English breakfast tea and a glass of prosecco and pay PS25 for two people.
As per the findings, Twinings English Breakfast tea is more popular in the UK than anywhere else in Europe, and more popular with passengers in the North of the UK than the South, with sales around nine per cent higher.
On other shelves one can find English breakfast tea, biscuits, and even washing powder.
Sticky Date Cake with Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea -- Passion Restaurant and Cafe -- Adliya -- Until April 30 -- All day
Enjoy a full, traditional afternoon tea of fruit scones with clotted cream and preserves, homemade cakes, sandwiches and your choice of English breakfast tea or a selection of fine specialty teas.
Black teas in tea bags comprise a considerable number of quality shades, ranging from premium English Breakfast Tea bags and their diverse special recipe blends created by famous traditional brands like Harrods of London, to private label bags, which contain mainly tea fannings and tea dust and are displayed as the cheapest offer on the supermarket shelves.
Now not only can I readily buy English breakfast tea in any one of Cappadocia's many supermarkets, but now I can also buy pasteurized milk, without which real English tea is impossible.
Sugar, 300gm; fresh mint, 50gm; English breakfast tea, 5 tea bags; strawberry slices, 12; lemon juice, 1tbsp; kosher salt, 30gm; watermelon cubes, 8; raspberry, blackberry, 12 each; lemon wedges, 4.
It has been designed to mix the traditional strength and darkness of English Breakfast Tea, which is ideal with lots of milk and sugar, and the lighter distinctively peaty smokiness of Scottish Breakfast Teas.