English pale

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(Hist.) the limits or territory in Eastern Ireland within which alone the English conquerors of Ireland held dominion for a long period after their invasion of the country by Henry II in 1172. See note, below.

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To be served at around 10c-12c, it is a traditional English pale ale with "well-rounded bittering and refreshing citrus fruits.
5% abv formulation is made with a grist of English Pale and Whole Wheat malts, and hopped to 55 IBUs with Challenger, Chinook, Citra, Polaris, Huell Melon, Cascade and Centennial.
We were 15 minutes early, propelled across town by hungry bellies and strong gusts, so both ordered a pint of Marston's English Pale Ale (PS3.
As persecution and proscription began to bite at various degrees of severity depending on a community's proximity to the English Pale and central government, the responsibility to provide adequate training of new friars was transferred to Irish colleges on the Continent.
Home brews will be judged in five categories: English pale ale, American ale, India pale ale, Belgian strong ale and strong ale.
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