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adj. Music
Of, relating to, or involving tones that are identical in pitch but are written differently according to the key in which they occur, as C sharp and D flat, for example.

[Late Latin enharmonicus, from Greek enarmonios : en-, in; see en-2 + harmoniā, harmony; see harmony.]

en′har·mon′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Music, other) denoting or relating to a small difference in pitch between two notes such as A flat and G sharp: not present in instruments of equal temperament such as the piano, but significant in the intonation of stringed and wind instruments
2. (Music, other) denoting or relating to enharmonic modulation
[C17: from Latin enharmonicus, from Greek enarmonios, from en-2 + harmonia; see harmony]
ˌenharˈmonically adv


(ˌɛn hɑrˈmɒn ɪk)

having the same pitch in the tempered scale but written in different notation, as G sharp and A flat.
[1590–1600; < Late Latin enharmonicus < Greek enarmónios (-icus replacing -ios) =en- en-1 + harmónios harmonious]
en`har•mon′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Kugel's charge is rather to show how the apparent discontinuities are part of a coherent, or at least comprehensive, attempt to bestow meaning on the ellipses and textual enharmonics or discordancies of the Bible, even to the point of rescripting the syntax when a received reading jarred against the necessary meaning of a passage for a later cultural context, as in the textual revision that managed to argue that Jacob did not actually lie to Isaac about Esau; he was misquoted
Some input preferences can be preset, such as stem direction or enharmonics.