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In Arthurian legend, the loyal wife of Geraint.


(European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) the faithful wife of Geraint


(ˈi nɪd)

a city in N Oklahoma. 50,363.
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Noun1.Enid - a town in north central Oklahoma
OK, Oklahoma, Sooner State - a state in south central United States
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The railway was constructed between December 1894, when the first sod was cut by Enid Assheton-Smith (after whom locomotive No.
Enid met Raymond, a butcher by trade, through his sister, Mary, who she worked with at the Hadrian Stores.
Going loco: | Four-year-old Enid Roberts is one of those celebrating her namesake's birthday with a free ride
Established immigration attorney and notable Hispanic/Latino rights advocate, Enid Gonzalez Aleman's public debuts in on radio and in print have been received positively by both readers and listeners alike.
Enid was born in Cardiff on January 29, 1915, to Walter and Florence Jenkins.
PF Black Card amenities may vary by location but are included in both Ponca City and Enid.
But Enid took her fight to a planning inquiry, claiming she had been harassed and saying: "Leave me in peace.
Enid Hutt and her two sons Kevin and Clarke head the business, which offers a wide choice in prints, limited edition and original art from across Scotland and Europe.
Tubby And Enid is a beautiful universal love story.
The police had been searching for Rose for hours after Enid had found the attic empty.
He has served at the First National Bank of Tulsa for 14 years until he moved to Enid to join Central National Bank as a senior vice president in 1978.
music stirs powerful love and dancing, With comedy, Tubby and Enid real warmth, promises to be a treat that will get your toe tapping.