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Of, relating to, or being a member of a military rank below a commissioned officer or warrant officer.


(ɛnˈlɪs tɪd)
of, pertaining to, or belonging to the part of the armed services ranking below commissioned officers or warrant officers: enlisted personnel; enlisted seniority.


[ɪnˈlɪstɪd] adj (US) (MILITARY) enlisted man → simple soldat m
enlisted woman → femme f soldat
enlisted soldier → simple soldat m
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He was sentenced in November 2012 to one year in confinement and reduction in rank to E-1, the lowest enlisted rank.
The Post-9/11 GI Bill payment is the equivalent of the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) of an enlisted rank five (E-5) with dependents (varies by employer location).
Basic ROTC covers basic soldiery and followership; this qualifies the 'Basic graduate' to an enlisted rank in the Reserve Force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
I was able to obtain the highest enlisted rank and had the privilege to lead, influence, and support thousands of soldiers and their families.
He achieved the Service's highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant and retired from the Air Force in 1969 in Colorado Springs, CO.
He would be the first person of enlisted rank to serve as secretary of defense.
He would become be the first defence secretary who started and ended his military career with an enlisted rank, as opposed to serving as an officer - an important distinction in wartime.
A year later, his education literally paid off when he received a promotion to logistics sergeant major of the Georgia Army National Guard, achieving the highest enlisted rank he can hold.
Among the study's other findings were that the incidence of OA was most likely to be increased among soldiers who were women, black, somewhat older, in the Army rather than another branch of the military, or of enlisted rank (Arthritis Rheum.
This unique and outstanding military reference features color plates of all Marine Corps medals and ribbons; their history and award criteria; foreign awards and UN meals given to American Marines; a complete set of Marine ribbons in their correct order with all attachments and devices; all Marine insignia (including officer and enlisted rank insignia 1944 to the present day); World War II shoulder patches; descriptions of service ID badges, aiguillettes, should cords, etc.
Women serve in every enlisted rank and in every officer rank except the four-star level--the highest rank now attainable--and chances are good that a woman will reach that rank within the next ten years.

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