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Noun1.Ensis - razor clamsEnsis - razor clams        
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
jackknife clam, knife-handle, razor clam - marine clam having a long narrow curved thin shell
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The presence of the same parasitic taxa has already been reported for other species of the superfamily Solenoidea (for Ensis macha with trematode parasites, see Orellana & Lohrmann 2015; for Solen marginatus with Marteilia sp.
Analysis of ITS1 and ITS2 sequences in Ensis razor shells: suitability as molecular markers at the population and species levels, and evolution of these ribosomal DNA spacers.
Depuracion de la navaja Ensis arcuatus (Jeffreys, 1865) y el longueiron Ensis siliqua (L.
Ensis group which was in charge of the Maldivian stall under the leadership of Mohamed Waseem Ismail did an excellent job in displaying the products from its organization.
62] in the semelidae Scrobicularia plana, Delgado and Perez-Camacho [30] in the veneridae Ruditapes decussatus, Gaspar and Monteiro [39] in the pharidae Ensis siliqua and the veneridae Venus striatula and Gaspar et al.
Ultrasound effects on the acetylation of Dioscorea starch isolated from Dioscorea zingiber ensis.
nec solum in pronominibus deriuatiuis, sed etiam in nominibus possessiuis et quae a propriis deriuantur, infinitae possunt intellegi possessiones, nisi adiectione nominis alicuius discernantur, ut meus filius, Telamonius natus, Euandrius ensis, et uide, quod appellatiua magis asciscunt, quae communis sunt qualitatis (CGL 2, 588).
His Toyota Avs ensis was found embedded in the home on the Roseworth estate in Stockton.
Overfishing population characteristics of razor clam, Ensis macha, from Independencia Bay, Peru, in 2004 year
n = 5), oysters (Crassostrea angulata, n = 1), cockles (Cerastoderma edule, n = 1), and razor clams (Solen marginatus, n = 1 and Ensis sp.
carolin ensis specimens have been collected as far north as Indiana and south to Florida (Sharp et al.