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n.1.One who makes an entrance or beginning.
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I don't think I'm a good contest enterer," adding that he doesn't want his readers thinking he's any kind of Berkshire insider.
Such words are charged within distinct discourses of the Cuban revolution, but it is the homophones enterrar (to bury) and enterer (to inform, find out) that intricately bind Contrabando's plot and characters.
IF you're a compulsive competition enterer, we've found just the site for you.
1) The first is "Stream Enterer," having once experienced the state of nirvana.
These boxes pop up on the screen and contain a list of entries that the data enterer can choose from, assuring, for example, that all negative responses are entered identically.
In the past, women held more repetitive jobs, such as assembly worker, packer and data enterer, than men who worked as machinists, operators and supervisors.
We are very impressed with Business Objects as our partner for enterer, Allegiance Healthcare.
B) State and National figures based on the Retrospective School Enterer Survey Report for School Year 1991-1992 (HIB not included).
This allows Rounds to offer a tailored experience for its users, resulting in a significant competitive advantage for the platform among existing players and new enterers, such as Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning's Airtime.
What's more," he adds, "as procedure and diagnostic codes are entered electronically in the billing and documentation process, that process becomes conceptually powerful, as you begin to turn checkout clerks from enterers of data into reviewers of data.
A proactive program of communicating with frequent enterers reminding