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Roosevelt proves the statement about Japan's pre-planned massive attack on America by using enthymematic argument.
As many commentators have pointed out, visual arguing is (like much verbal arguing) enthymematic (e.
We see an example of Trump's use of enthymematic argumentation in a short clip on Fox News' Kelly File.
However--and here one again has to unpack Aquinas's enthymematic argument--one cannot intellectually apprehend something as having being-in-a-certain-way unless what does the
In this article, I concentrate on one function of jokes in presidential discourse: the ability to talk about difficult or taboo subjects through jokes' deeply enthymematic ways of communicating, providing insights into how and why presidents started using humor with such frequency.
6) Todd notes that the argument is enthymematic, with the suppressed premise being the conditional: "If the best explanation of (1) is incompatibilism, then incompatibilism is true.
The success of the mainstream media in presenting a relatively unified body of material against the activists has to do with what is going on in the reports with presuppositions about agency--and there is something going on with presuppositions about agency here: it has to do with the enthymematic assumption of the reportage that it is ultimately the human (not the nonhuman natural) that takes ethical and ontological priority and that has agency.
89): "So in what follows we are looking for a general characterization of the assumption of an enthymematic argument which is implicit in inferring its conclusion from its premiss(es).
The catch, however, is that the enthymematic character of the comic forms also reveal their deceptive intent.
They refer to an enthymematic method of connecting words for figurative use (79-80).
Right at the beginning, after an enthymematic explanation of Gen.