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a.1.Considered as pure entity; abstracted from all circumstances.
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The SST turbulence model is regarded as automotive fluid model and the window glass entitative is viewed as solid model for load transfer and applying.
The three layers of offline retail network include various entitative pharmacies, such as professional direct-to-patient (DTP) pharmacies owned by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, cooperative/entrusted pharmacies of hospitals and independent retailers.
As such, beauty is not primarily expressive of a transcendent subjectivity that is in some sense "more real" than the objectivity of matter, but of reality in all of its entitative plentitude.
Being and thing refer to the same entitative whole and have the same extension, but they are distinct in intension according to the different entitative parts they signify.
Highly entitative firms exhibit more consistent, coherent characteristics across the firm.
65) Sanctifying grace resides in the essence of the soul as an absolutely supernatural entitative habit; it is possessed gratis, as a free gift.
The second dimension of essentialization is entitative and is based on a reified concept of social groups in which these groups are perceived as homogenous and as having a particular identity.
The present data suggest that merely thinking that one is part of an entitative fan group is associated with a positive emotional state --collective happiness.
13) In both texts, he distinguishes between natural, that is, entitative, and intentional being.
Bodily activities constitute an ineradicable facticity that is not dumb but an articulated process that does not emerge into the foreground--specifically since it is not entitative but constitutive of spacio-temporalization as a field of patterns.
Thus, at the level of being, the entitative level, all humans are equal or the same in as much as all share in the same nature.