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a.1.Considered as pure entity; abstracted from all circumstances.
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For al-Razi time is not the measure of motion or change, hence not dependent on motion or change; therefore, if it has a positive entitative existence this existence is independent of the existence of motion and change, though, as the above passage shows, not independent of God.
From an entitative point of view, it sounds as though there is nothing that is of value.
The author claims that faith "in and of itself has no entitative existence," that is, it is not a habit; it consists solely of "a certain set of behaviours" (21).
It is demonstrated, for instance, that Singleton has many misinterpretations that derive from a failure to distinguish between the entitative and the operational aspects of the soul.
16) It is an entitative habit, a habit of being, like health or beauty, in contradistinction to the virtues, which are operative habits, habits of doing.
The entitative elements of this theory is body, atoms and accidents which are reducible to two, namely atoms and accidents, since atoms are not extrabodily, whereas in the hylomorphic theory, we have body, matter and form, three distinct entitative elements since matter is extrabodily.
My own suggestion would be that Derrida in particular but also Heidegger in a more general way both seem to think of being as an activity rather than an entity, a verb rather than a noun, a potentiality that becomes actual only in its entitative instantiations.
2) At other times, accidents do assume an entitative status as concrete particulars that are really distinct from the substances having them.
Grace as an entitative elevation of the soul and its faculties gives the human being "a new esse, a new ontology which was the basis of and which demanded a new kind of moral life.
There must be some entitative presence--an element or principle--intrinsic to the parrot which is the source of its distinction from the oak tree.
According to Scripture, the entitative mode in which God is received into the world is that of filiation.