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Noun1.Entomophthoraceae - mostly parasitic lower fungi that typically develop in the bodies of insects
fungus family - includes lichen families
Entomophthorales, order Entomophthorales - coextensive with the family Entomophthoraceae
Entomophthora, genus Entomophthora - type genus of the Entomophthoraceae; fungi parasitic on insects
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DISCUSSION: Subcutaneous phycomycosis is a fungal infection of the subcutaneous fats caused by Zygomatous group of fungi in the family Entomophthoraceae, mainly in the genus Basidiobolus (common in children) and Conidiobolus in adults (Prasad PV, 2002).
Basidiobolus ranarum is a fungus belonging to the Entomophthoraceae family of the class Zygomycetes and is mainly associated with subcutaneous fat tissue infection involving the limbs, trunk, or buttocks.