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Noun1.Entomophthorales - coextensive with the family Entomophthoraceae
fungus order - the order of fungi
class Zygomycetes, Zygomycetes - class of fungi coextensive with subdivision Zygomycota
Entomophthoraceae, family Entomophthoraceae - mostly parasitic lower fungi that typically develop in the bodies of insects
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Very few clinical cases caused by the Entomophthorales Zygomycetes have been reported.
Micoinsecticides based on entomopathogenic fungi from the order Entomophthorales (Zygomycota) and Hypocreales (Ascomycota) may be formulated and included in an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPMP) (Furlong & Pell, 2005).
2001: Exploring the potential of entomophthorales in pest management.
The Entomophthorales are true pathogens, infecting primarily immunocompetent hosts.
Three species of Entomophthorales entomopathogenic fungi (Zygomycotina: Zygomycetes) have been identified from insects in agricultural crops (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina): Zoophthora radicans Batko (Brefeld); Entomophthora planchoniana Cornu and Pandora gammae (Weiser) Humber.