Entry clerk

(Com.) a clerk who makes the original entries of transactions in a business.

See also: Entry

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As a Data Entry Clerk, she entered and verified research data, utilizing her medical knowledge.
She first joined Milford Federal in September 1986 as a data entry clerk and has since held positions such as as assistant branch manager in Whitinsville, and most recently assistant vice president-loans.
Following in the footsteps of Joseph and Alison are apprentices Lee Breeze, credit control/ purchase ledger; Chantelle Wellington, credit control; Anthony Gordon, property management; Isabelle Clewer, residential service charge; Alexander Dickson, IT; and Danielle Walton, data entry clerk for training and compliance.
These include a data entry clerk in Humberside (PS6.
He brings 20 years experience in the field, having started out as an entry clerk handling fuel excise and imports into Walvis Bay for petroleum companies before managing bulk and break bulk vessels in and out of the port.
Smaug the dragon is, in real life, data entry clerk Dave Tomlinson from Stoke-on-Trent.
When he uses the EHR, it's as if he's being turned into a "point-and-dick data entry clerk,.
When he uses the EHR, it's as if he's being turned into a "point-and-click data entry clerk," he said, and it's not how he wants to spend his time
This is indeed a well-thought-out court verdict after major contesting parties turned down suggestion for an out-of-court settlement," said Rakesh Kumar, a data entry clerk at a local company here.
Overall, eZCom saves us one to two hours on every order by cutting down the amount of time the order entry clerk, the shipping clerk and accounting have to spend on it," said Chad Selmecki, IT manager for M-Clip.
After all, just because a receptionist or a data entry clerk might want to make a living and provide for his or her family, it is no reason they should be doing so at MG.