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v. i.1.To vie; to emulate; to strive.
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Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on it self recoiles; Let it; I reck not, so it light well aim'd, Since higher I fall short, on him who next Provokes my envie, this new Favorite Of Heav'n, this Man of Clay, Son of despite, Whom us the more to spite his Maker rais'd From dust: spite then with spite is best repaid.
But other doubt possesses me, least harm Befall thee sever'd from me; for thou knowst What hath bin warn'd us, what malicious Foe Envying our happiness, and of his own Despairing, seeks to work us woe and shame By sly assault; and somwhere nigh at hand Watches, no doubt, with greedy hope to find His wish and best advantage, us asunder, Hopeless to circumvent us joynd, where each To other speedie aide might lend at need; Whether his first design be to withdraw Our fealtie from God, or to disturb Conjugal Love, then which perhaps no bliss Enjoy'd by us excites his envie more; Or this, or worse, leave not the faithful side That gave thee being, stil shades thee and protects.
Such Pleasure took the Serpent to behold This Flourie Plat, the sweet recess of EVE Thus earlie, thus alone; her Heav'nly forme Angelic, but more soft, and Feminine, Her graceful Innocence, her every Aire Of gesture or lest action overawd His Malice, and with rapine sweet bereav'd His fierceness of the fierce intent it brought: That space the Evil one abstracted stood From his own evil, and for the time remaind Stupidly good, of enmitie disarm'd, Of guile, of hate, of envie, of revenge; But the hot Hell that alwayes in him burnes, Though in mid Heav'n, soon ended his delight, And tortures him now more, the more he sees Of pleasure not for him ordain'd: then soon Fierce hate he recollects, and all his thoughts Of mischief, gratulating, thus excites.
Or is it envie, and can envie dwell In heav'nly brests?
O Sovran, vertuous, precious of all Trees In Paradise, of operation blest To Sapience, hitherto obscur'd, infam'd, And thy fair Fruit let hang, as to no end Created; but henceforth my early care, Not without Song, each Morning, and due praise Shall tend thee, and the fertil burden ease Of thy full branches offer'd free to all; Till dieted by thee I grow mature In knowledge, as the Gods who all things know; Though others envie what they cannot give; For had the gift bin theirs, it had not here Thus grown.
For Beasts it seems: yet that one Beast which first Hath tasted, envies not, but brings with joy The good befall'n him, Author unsuspect, Friendly to man, farr from deceit or guile.
Poivre d'Arvor a souligne l'importance de ce rendez-vous pour Djerba et pour le tourisme djerbien : " C'est tres important pour les djerbiens qui sont nes ici et reviennent mais aussi pour d'autres qui viennent assister au pelerinage et repartent avec un message tres simple : ici on est en securite, ici c'est bienveillant et tolerant et ici on a envie de revenir pour la nature, pour la culture et pour le tourisme ".
There is a great energy that comes with the duo Axwell & Ingrosso that Dubai will absolutely love," said Nicolas Vandenabeele, director of organisers Envie Events.
Il a ajoute que l'Algerie etait aujourd'hui [beaucoup moins que] au centre de ces preoccupations, avec en particulier la France et l'Europe [beaucoup plus grand que], ajoutant que [beaucoup moins que] c'est pour ca qu'on a envie de collaborer beaucoup plus [beaucoup plus grand que].
Jean and Quentin are the gay pair whose urge to raise a baby is the driving force behind "Une Envie Folle," (A Wild Desire), a Paris-based comedy currently on show at the Monnot Theater.
Cependant, bien que je n'aies jamais vecu une adolescence active comme les autres, je n'ai pas particulierement envie de vivre ma vie au maximum.
EnVie Boutique opened its doors on July 1, 2011, with one goal in mind, classy and affordable.