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Formed, originating, or occurring on or just below the surface of the earth.

[French épigène, from Greek epigenēs, growing after : epi-, epi- + -genēs, -born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Geological Science) formed or taking place at or near the surface of the earth. Compare hypogene
[C19: from French épigène, ultimately from Greek epigignesthai to be born after, from gignesthai to be born]


(ˈɛp ɪˌdʒin)

formed or originating on the earth's surface (opposed to hypogene): epigene rock.
[1815–25; < French épigène < Greek epigenḗs born after, growing after. See epi-, -gen]
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The successful isolation of a number of informative MSAP fragments is reported, and their sequences are used to identify potential candidate epigenes involved in replanting disease.
59b-c hatten sich Phaidon, Apollodoros, Kritoboulos,und sein Vater Kriton, Hermogenes, Epigenes, Aischines, Antisthenes, Ktesippos, M enexenos, Simmias, Kebes, Phaidondes, Eukleides und Terpsion im Gefangnis um den auf seine Hinrichtung wartenden und den Sterbenden versammelt.
Their daily routines produce epigenes that impact their genetic potentials in different ways.
Among the local people there was Apollodorus, whom I mentioned, Critobulus and his father, also Hermogenes, Epigenes, Aeschines and Antisthenes.
De los de la tierra, estuvo este Apolodoro [del que se acaba de hablar], y Critobulo y su padre, y ademas Hermogenes, Epigenes, Esquines y Antistenes.
First, the new field of epigenetics has found that our genes have small "switches" on the surface, called epigenes, that turn the gene On or Off, and it's our environment that flips the switches.
The same applies to the fate of the young lover, Epigenes, the object of serial sexual assault by three old women as their plans come to fruition.
For example, there appears to be evidence of prions that are associated with disease (see Zaitsev article in November-December 2009 ABT) and epigenes that appear to surround our DNA (see Stein article in April 2012 ABT).
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La introduccion de las concepciones cuantitativas y mecanicas en biologia que se observan, primero en el gran descubrimiento de la circulacion de sangre de Harvey (1628), los esfuerzos cartesianos por explicar este fenomeno en terminos exclusivamente mecanicos (1648) hasta las fuertes y extendidas discusiones sobre el preformismo y la epigenes.