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n. pl.1.See Epimeron.
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In terrestrial isopod species, Armadillo officinalis stridulates by rubbing some epimera and pereiopods together (Caruso and Costa, 1976).
Ventral margins of metathoracic episterna and epimera slightly produced and outwardly flared.
Ayyildiz and Luxton (1989), however, differentiated Epimerella from the Oppiidae Sellnick, 1937 mainly by the presence of a medial cavity between epimera III and IV in addition to dorsosejugal suture protruding and pointed medially and based on these differences, established the family Epimerellidae with the genus Epimerella as the type genus.
Features suggestive of Parahughmilleria include the lanceolate shape of the preabdomen, the presumed overall size of the animal, the presence of a large epimera on tergite 7, and the ornamentation.