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n.1.(Zool.) In crustaceans: The part of the side of a somite external to the basal joint of each appendage.
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Thorax light yellow, postnotum, preepisternum, median anepisternum II, posterior anepisternum II, epimeron II and scutum with brown spots.
6), the distinct black area in the limit of metathoracic epimeron - episternum also found in males and females (Fig.
El epimeron es una estrecha franja de cuticula unicamente delimitada adelante por el surco pleural, que se desvanece en una amplia area posterior de cuticula transparente, casi membranosa.
Mesothoracic episternum and epimeron, and metathoracic episternum, light yellow-green, forming a light patch contrasting with the rest of the head and thorax.
Pronotum narrowly yellowish along basal margin; scutellum shallowly and transversely wrinkled; posterior margin of epimeron and scent efferent system yellowish brown.