n.1.An epitomist.
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Much uncertainty surrounds the work, and a range of questions has been posed: Who is the epitomator if it is not Ibn al-Muqaffa'?
3) There are, however, strong reasons to reject the theory that what we have is an epitome of the original, and in any case it would seem bizarre for an epitomator to conflate a disembarkation at a port and an onward journey overland, unless his command of Greek were extremely tenuous.
The epitomator must have cut down the text of 'Loukios of Patrae''s book, the length of which is still a matter of discussion, by leaving out some of the inset tales, which may also have constituted a substantial part of the original, and by only retaining the outlines of the main plot.
Diodorus, a compiler and epitomator, is our main source for Hecataeus of Abdera and other Hellenistic historians, although he himself visited Egypt some time between 60-56 BCE.