Epstein-Barr virus

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Ep·stein-Barr virus

n. Abbr. EBV
A herpesvirus that is the causative agent of infectious mononucleosis. It is also associated with various types of human cancers.

[After Michael A. Epstein and Y.M. Barr, 20th-century British virologists.]

Epstein-Barr virus

(ˈɛpstaɪn ˈbɑː)
(Pathology) a virus belonging to the herpes family that causes infectious mononucleosis; it is also implicated in the development of Burkitt's lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease. Abbreviation: EBV
[C20: named after Sir M. A. Epstein (born 1921), and Yvonne M. Barr (born 1932), British pathologists who discovered the virus]

Ep′stein-Barr′ vi`rus

(ˈɛp staɪn ˈbɑr)
a type of herpesvirus that causes infectious mononucleosis. Abbr.: EBV
[1965–70; after M. A. Epstein (b. 1921), British pathologist, and Y. M. Barr (b. 1932), British virologist, who isolated the virus in 1964]
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Noun1.Epstein-Barr virus - the herpes virus that causes infectious mononucleosis; associated with specific cancers in Africa and China
herpes virus, herpes - any of the animal viruses that cause painful blisters on the skin

Ep·stein-Barr vi·rus

n. virus de Epstein-Barr, virus del herpes que causa mononucleosis.
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Prof Alan Rickinson, of the University of Birmingham, was speaking on the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Epstein-Barr Virus, which is linked to a number of cancers.

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