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n.1.(Fine Arts) A draught or model from which to build; especially, one of the full size of the work to be done; a detailed drawing.
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By focusing on getting rid of biofuels that drive deforestation like palm oil, "the parliament has sent a message that not all biofuels are created equal," says Emmaniel Desplechin for renewable ethanol association ePure.
Drawing invisible lines of connection with cool tones and a sly contrast of straight lines (radiating out from the center) and rounded edges (rounded sapphires, cabochons in gold or lacquer), the Epure Oursin takes a semi-realist approach to recreating nature even as the design tends toward abstraction.
C'est absolument incroyable de pouvoir combiner ancienne et nouvelle methode - l'argile et les hologrammes - cela permet non seulement de faire gagner du temps aux designers, mais aussi d'experimenter et de developper rapidement des vehicules au design plus epure et plus efficace", a declare Jim Holland, vice-president de Ford en charge du developpement des vehicules.
Boucheron demonstrates a breathtaking collection of luxury watches such as the Epure, Reflet and Serpent Boheme collection, while Baume & Mercier highlights the elegant Classima collection, associated with the first academic or professional successes and the numerous natural ambitions of the up-and-coming generation.
Boucheron's watchmaking art will also take center stage with the new Epure collections.
Sous ce nouveau regime, qui va de 1958 a 1969, les theatres institutionnels, comprenant le Theatre du Nouveau Monde et le Theatre du Rideau-Vert, developpent un jeu epure privilegiant l'elegance du geste et vouent un culte au texte de haute tenue litteraire.
Madalina Epure is currently studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of East Anglia, UK.
ePURE maintains - and provides evidence in support of its claim - that since the anti-dumping duties were imposed, bioethanol from the United States has been taking an alternate route, transiting in Norway before being sold in the EU.
Resolument oriente vers le conducteur, le poste de conduite se distingue par son style epure et homogene et ses commandes idealement agencees garantes d'une utilisation intuitive.
The European renewable ethanol industry association, ePURE, said the vote had put the future of jobs and growth for the European ethanol industry under pressure.
Your Ambassador to India, Ms Valerica Epure, about whom you had waxed eloquent to me, spoke pretty well, even while admitting that she was not a connoisseur of Indian classical dance forms.