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Noun1.equidistribution - a flat distribution having equal frequencies of occurrence
distribution, statistical distribution - (statistics) an arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence
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The probability model is the equidistribution on all input sequences of a fixed length k.
The equitability indices or equidistribution (E) is the ratio of the diversity calculated with the maximum diversity
They are the primary tool for testing equidistribution (apparent randomness ) of number theoretic sequences.
The parameters used to analyze the structure of bird communities were: Richness (S), Abundance (N), Density Index (ID--individuals / hour), Shannon-Wienner (H'), Equidistribution (E), and Jaccard similarity index (ISJ).
19937] - 1 and 623-dimensional equidistribution property, is sufficient for our purposes.
One particular nice way to prove equidistribution is to give a bijection f: Obj [right arrow] Obj' such that stat'(f([sigma])) = stat([sigma]) for every [sigma] [member of] Obj.
Compared with conventional EBG structure plane, it has multi-functions of low voltage drop, current equidistribution, compactness and effective noise isolation.
They consider such topics as the uniqueness of bounded solutions to aggregation equations by optimal transport methods, effective equidistribution and spectral gap, positive definite functions in distance geometry, topological field theories in two dimensions, Brouwer's dissertation and the revolution of 1907, new developments in combinatorial number theory and applications, geometry and non-archimedian integrals, Feynman integrals and motives, computational complexity and numerical stability of linear problems, and high-dimensional distributions with convexity properties.
28] --, Equidistribution and extremal energy of za points on the sphere, in Modelling and Computation for Applications in Mathematics, Science and Engineering, J.
If other traditional indexes of (absolute) statistical dispersion were used, like Gini's or Herfindha's, this direct shift would be lost and, moreover, the distribution benchmark would be equidistribution, whose interpretation is not, in this context, fully clear.
Establishing the same equidistribution property for a different, more complicated dynamical map would lead to a proof that pi is normal to base 16 (or, equivalently, to base 2).
perform the equidistribution test with the 48-bit Linear Congruential Generator with prime addend in a serial and parallel machine respectively.