Equipotential surface

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H] is called the indirect effect on the geoid, and accounts for the change of equipotential surface after the terrain reduction is applied to [DELTA]g.
The starting point A of a route is located at the reference surface of levelling (for example on the geoid), which is an equipotential surface [W.
Geodesy takes several reference surfaces of representation of the Earth's shape, a physical shape known as geoid and a geometrical-mathematical shape known as ellipsoid; the geoid is the equipotential surface most similar to the sea level mean at rest and it is represented by W = [W.
The second term is the second order zonal harmonics and represents a deformation of the equipotential surface to a prolate ellipsoid aligned with the Earth-Moon axis.
The dowsing rods align themselves perpendicular to the equipotential surface.
However, due to the ocean dynamics and other circumstances, this result is not an equipotential surface of the gravity field, so it still is not the geoid.
The geoid is the equipotential surface that approximates the mean sea level most closely.
The geoid is defined as an equipotential surface of the constant gravity potential W,
3) it follows that if the fluid surface is the equipotential surface [W.