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mmboe: million barrels of oil equivalent (including gas converted to oil equiv barrels on basis of 6mcf to 1 barrel of oil equiv)
Chart EU 16: Carbon emissions in EU countries, 1992 and 2002 (Million metric tons carbon equiv.
Equiv = Train Break Equivalence = Training on simmetry (B1-Al, B2-A2; C1-B1, C2-B2), transitivity (A1-C1, A2-C2) but not equivalence (C1-A2, C2-Al).
Played by La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy, the French equiv alent of our Academy of Ancient Music, Duhamel appears playing the harpsichord.
Reserves December 31, 2005 Corporate Gross Future Net Gas Net Oil Net Equiv.
5% Copper Equiv Cutoff Cutoff Cutoff Tonnes Copper Gold Tonnes Copper Gold Tonnes Copper Gold (000's) (%)(g/t) (000's) (%)(g/t) (000's) (%)(g/t) Supergene 124,000 0.
DD -125mm 0 driven by 20 HP squral cage induction motor (Make - KIRLOSKAR / CROMPTON / Equiv.
Tenders are invited for Threading Bar Ser 2020 K16 Or Equiv