Equus hemionus

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Noun1.Equus hemionus - Asiatic wild assEquus hemionus - Asiatic wild ass      
wild ass - any of several equine mammals of Asia and northeast Africa
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We investigate three Asiatic wild ass subspecies (kulan, Equus hemionus kulan, onager, E.
Diurnal time budgets and activity rhythm of the Asiatic Wild ass Equus hemionus in Xinjiang Western China.
In the open and arid landscapes of the Near East, ancient funnel-shaped constructions of low stone walls leading into a stone walled enclosure or pit (called 'desert kites'), were used by post-Neolithic societies as a mass-kill hunting strategy particularly targeting goitered gazelles Gazella subguttorosa but also Asiatic wild asses Equus hemionus (Bar-Oz et al.