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A Chinese stringed instrument that is played with a bow and has two strings stretched from a small sound box along a long thin neck. Also called Chinese violin.

[Mandarin èrhú : èr, two (in reference to its two strings) (from Middle Chinese ri`, from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *g-nis; akin to Tibetan gnyis and Burmese hnac) + , peoples of Central Asia (in reference to the instrument's Central Asian origin) (from Middle Chinese xɦuə̆).]


a two-stringed Chinese musical instrument
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Included are Chinese erh-hu mistress, Jie-bing Chen, and the Indian bansuri/ violin duo, Ronu Majumdaar and Sangeeta Shankar.
She patiently coaxes notes of meticulous depth from the single stringed erh-hu, carefully avoiding its tendency to sound squawky to at least one set of Western ears.
The stringed, wooden erh-hu and gu-qin are especially popular in northern China.