Eric the Red

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Er·ic the Red

 (ĕr′ĭk) fl. tenth century.
Norwegian navigator who explored and named Greenland and founded its first Norse settlement (c. 985).

Eric the Red

(Biography) ?940–?1010 ad, Norse navigator: discovered and colonized Greenland; father of Leif Ericson

Er′ic the Red′

(ˈɛr ɪk)
born A.D. c950, Norse mariner: explorer and colonizer of Greenland c985.
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led by Eric the Red, and survived there for nearly 500 years, reaching a maximum population of around 5,000.
RED, WHITE AND BLUE CLERIHEWS (with one atrocious sight rhyme) Eric the Red Discovered America, it's said (Or was it the other one, His son?
But unlike Purse, Eric the Red ended up on the winning side when Manchester United trounced Chelsea 4-0 in the 1994 FA Cup final.
Historic characters and scenes from the time of Eric the Red to WWII are brilliantly depicted on a massive mural in the hallway.
Eric the Red may have said au revoir to Old Trafford - but he just can't stay off the field.
The voyage officially will begin July 6 in Brattahlid, a community on the southwest coast of Greenland where Ericson's father, Eric the Red, had a farm.
And Derby County midfielder Christian, who has faced both sides in two titanic tussles, believes Eric the Red is the key man as his side chase their fourth English crown in five years.
In medieval times, usually warm temperatures in the North Atlantic prompted Norse Vikings to establish the first European settlements on Greenland, following the island's discovery in 982 by Eric the Red.
I struggle over the connection between climate change and our use of fossil fuels, especially when trying to understand how the Romans grew vines as far north as Hadrian's Wall and how Eric the Red managed to grow cereal crops, in Greenland, a thousand years before cars and electricity.
Wrestlers in the 1975 version of IWA Wrestling included Jack 'Hacksaw' Reynolds, Ernie Ladd, Eric the Red, The Mongols, Ivan Koloff, Ox Baker, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tex McKenzie, and IWA Heavyweight Champion Mil Mascaras.