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 (îr′ĭs, ĕr′-)
n. Greek Mythology
1. The goddess of discord.
2. A dwarf planet with a diameter of about 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles).


(Celestial Objects) the largest dwarf planet in the solar system, located beyond the Kuiper belt. It has a diameter of 2400 km


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the goddess of discord, sister of Ares


(ˈɪər ɪs, ˈɛr ɪs)

the ancient Greek goddess of strife and discord.
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Noun1.Eris - (Greek mythology) goddess of discord; sister of Ares
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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The island of Owyhee was under the command of one of his eris, or chiefs, who resided at the village of Tocaigh, situated on a different part of the coast from the bay of Karakakooa.
They let him know that they were eris, or chiefs, of a great company about to be established on the northwest coast, and talked of the probability of opening a trade with his islands, and of sending ships there occasionally.
Knowing the effect of show and dress upon men in savage life, and wishing to make a favorable impression as the eris, or chiefs, of the great American Fur Company, some of them appeared in Highland plaids and kilts to the great admiration of the natives.
It would be difficult," he writes, "to imagine the frantic gambols that are daily played off here; sometimes dressing in red coats, and otherwise very fantastically, and collecting a number of ignorant natives around them, telling them that they are the great eris of the Northwest, and making arrangements for sending three or four vessels yearly to them from the coast with spars,
Before embarking, the great eris of the American Fur Company took leave of their illustrious ally in due style, with many professions of lasting friendship and promises of future intercourse; while the matter-of-fact captain anathematized him in his heart for a grasping, trafficking savage; as shrewd and sordid in his dealings as a white man.
He had originally been a petty eri, or chief; but, being of an intrepid and aspiring nature, he had risen in rank, and, availing himself of the superior advantages now afforded in navigation, had brought the whole archipelago in subjection to his arms.
On a fifth day, they say, the Erinyes assisted at the birth of Horcus (Oath) whom Eris (Strife) bare to trouble the forsworn.
The warmth and pastoral care he brought to his priesthood can perhaps be seen in the number of children in the various parishes where he ministered who were given the name Eris.
ERIS, able to search both claims areas' data bases, would detect duplicate payments and misclassified claims.
NEW YORK -- Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Eris Exchange announced today that Morgan Stanley plans to make a strategic equity investment in Eris, a U.
para]]"We are excited about the new single day volume record set yesterday in our Swap Futures complex," said Neal Brady, CEO of Eris Exchange.
Eris appears to have a very reflective surface, suggesting that it is uniformly covered in a thin layer of ice, probably a frozen atmosphere, according to the astronomers.